3 Licenses

  • Access source code
  • Standard forum support
  • Free upgrades

5 Licenses

  • Access source code
  • Standard forum support
  • Free upgrades
  • 2 business days email support

20 Licenses

  • Access source code
  • Standard forum support
  • Free upgrades
  • Early release access
  • 2 business days email support
  • Platinum phone support

Purchase FAQs

If you are building an application or service that will only be used internally at your company, and not licensed to third parties, you only need our standard End-User license. If you are intending to create a commercial product that will be licensed to third parties, you need our OEM license. Contact us to receive an OEM license quote or if you are unsure which license is right for your company. For more information please see the license page.

In general, the following people in your organization need to have a valid license.

  • Any people who access the EnterpriseSheet source code.
  • Any developers who process EnterpriseSheet UI, backend and database integration.
  • Any testers who process EnterpriseSheet test.
  • Any server administrators who process system install/maintenance which includes EnterpriseSheet.
  • Any people who receive the support from EnterpriseSheet.

EnterpriseSheet is a complex project which includes SQL, Java, JavaScript code. In general, your organization needs to have at least 5 licenses to process integration, such as:

  • One UI developer license
  • One Java developer license
  • One database developer license
  • One tester license
  • One installer license
If your organization only has one or two developers to process all of those work, please contact us.

Yes, all readable source codes include JavaScript, Java, MySQL.

Send an email to and list all the following information (user means one of developer, tester or installer in your organization).

  • Each user whole name
  • Each user email address
  • Each user position
  • Each user organization name

Our sales team contact you to process the payment.

Our sales team assigns an unique license key to each developer.

Our sales team provides an access path for the developer to download EnterpriseSheet source code.

You can use one user license on as many projects as you like in your registered organization.

No, you only need to buy EnterpriseSheet license and you will get Sheet UI license for FREE.

In general, EnterpriseSheet has 3-4 releases per year. Currently EnterpriseSheet release version is 3.3.*.

If you buy 20 packages of license, you can access EnterpriseSheet early release.

Platinum phone support means you will have someone on hand to answer your questions related to bug. Platinum phone support hours are from 9am - 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

No, EnterpriseSheet Commercial License grants one developer the rights to use. Each developer using EnterpriseSheet needs to purchase a license. And a license is not transferrable.

Yes, you must have valid commercial ExtJS license (version 4.*). Currently EnterpriseSheet is based on ExtJS 4.2.1 JavaScript library. For more detail about ExtJS, please visit

Yes, please drop us a quick email: We will arrange it.

We are happy to send a sales receipt on request. When emailing us to confirm your order, please indicate that you would like a sales receipt, and include the billing contact information that should be included on it (contact name, company name if applicable and address).

Definitely, just give us a call or send us an email, we will try our best to assist you with any of your issues and considerations.