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Sheet UI is a pure standalone JavaScript/CSS/html package. Sheet UI brings you a quick solution to integrate powerful grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality into your existing system. Its Excel-like functions, build-in formulas, table templates, cell styles, validations, number formats, and conditional features save your time and simplify your spreadsheet tasks.

Sheet UI in DIV Sheet UI in Popup APIs demo

Pros and Cons

Compared to the EnterpriseSheet version, Sheet UI has the following pros and cons:


  • User interface and backend are totally decoupled
  • Easily integrated sheet UI into your existing application. Your server side only needs add LoadJson and SaveJson method.


  • Auto save disabled
  • Can't handle big data with lots of cell - for example more than 10,000 cells.
  • Saving/loading time for big data can take a little bit longer.
  • Does not support import/export function.

In general, Sheet UI solution is only suitable for you if you only require a limited number of cells data exchange at one time. In case you have a big number of cells, please consider choosing enterpriseSheet solution.

Download Sheet UI and quickly build your powerful online spreadsheet User Interface

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